Scottish Voice  - SPEAKING UP FOR YOU
We are an independent, non-aligned party which aims to inform and influence the political, social and cultural debate in Scotland free from the shackles of old-fashioned party politics.
Our aims are based on sound key principles of non-partisanship, less state interference, increased personal responsibility, and greater freedom of choice.
We have seen how independently-minded MSPs can exert real influence on the Holyrood government. We need more. At the heart of our approach is education. A radical overhaul of education is vital to Scotland's future prosperity and success.

'We never ask whether an idea is left wing, right wing or centrist. We are interested only in whether it works and will benefit the people of Scotland,' Archie Stirling, leader of Scottish Voice

We seek to engage real experts - businessmen, doctors and nurses, police officers, teachers, parents, students, academics and pensioners - who have real life experience and know how to get the job done.