Labour leadership hopeful Jess Phillips is 9/1 third favourite to inherit Corbyn's crown of thorns. But we fear the bustling Brummie's odds are in danger of lengthening with her pitch for what must be the least sought-after job in British politics right now. The former women's refuge worker, who once told Corbyn's former beau Diane Abbot to f*** off, says if she gets the job she'll fight to take Britain back into the European Union. Even though Jessie represents a pro-Brexit seat, she still believes Leave voters got it wrong. It should come as no surprise when the votes comes in if the Labour membership tell Jess to f*** off. ¶


Wait though. Maybe Jess's prospects have just been given an unexpected boost, courtesy of leadership rival Rebecca Long Bailey. In her first interview since confirming her candidacy, RLB was asked what marks out of ten she would award Corbyn for his leadership performance. 'Ten,' she replied. Full marks for the man who led Labour to its worst electoral defeat since 1935. Good luck with that one, Beccy!


¶ Oh how The Sturge must be secretly fuming over the political re-emergence of former Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill who has come back to life as a Westminster MP. The bold MacAskill, who was fired by the Foist Minister, has been less than loyal to her Holyrood Highness with a fast-flowing deluge of sideline snipes and snivels about her IndyRef2 monologue.
Now, as the reincarnated Honourable Member for East Lothian, Macca shows no sign of giving Nic any kind of break. Not only will there be no second indy ref this year, there shouldn't be one in any case, he declares. Why?  Because, Kenneth asserts, it would be lost. Curious, isn't it, that within Nat ranks McAskill appears to be something of a lone voice (apart from the maverick Jim Sillars who has been uttering something very similar). Except, of course, that there is no shortage of fellow dissidents within the Braveheart Brigade. It's just that, unlike Macca, they either don't want to upset the Foist Minister. or they fear the backlash if they dare speak up. 
It will be interesting to see how the SNP Westmister leader Ian 'I'm just doon frae the Isle o' Skye' Blackford deals with the outspoken MacAskill. We suspect Macca might be spoken to and possible spoken about. But a spokesman on anything he will not.¶


Wee Ruthie Davidson was always going to be a hard act to follow. But we can't help thinking that her successor-elect as leader of the Scottish Tories may be something of an iffy option. Former car salesman Jackson Carlaw seems like a nice man and he's certainly no shrinking violet when it comes to taking on Foist Minister Nic. But after the youthful dynamism of Ruth the Truth, he does seem a bit old school fuddy-duddyish and in politics its all about perception, stupid. We must hope, too, that he has more good fortune as a political leader than he did during his 25 years in the car sales business. Carlaw was joint head of the First-Ford dealership in the West of Scotland until it went bust in 2002. He was also a director of Wylies Automative until it folded the following year. The Scottish Tories must be hoping Jackson's imminent elevation is not a car crash waiting to happen.¶