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Who we are

  • Through free and open discussion, argument and persuasion, our aim is to secure the delivery of competent, value-for-money and above-all honest government at Holyrood and Westminster.
  • To help create a new, vibrant and successful Scotland, the political process must embrace ideas from the broadest range of public opinion and expertise - not just from within the political 'bubble'.

  • We need to abandon old-fashioned and outdated 'machine' politics where decisions are too often made for narrow party reasons or demands.

  • Scottish Voice supports prudent, commonsense government but does not believe this is achieved by using Holyrood or Westminster as political playgrounds where point scoring takes precedence over the needs of the people.

  •  We stand for enterprise, ambition and opportunity. We need parliaments that recognise and release the energy and talent of the Scottish people.